Fancy Donuts Are Not Cronuts

Please forgive the informality of my title. It’s a new year and Dominique Ansel’s phenomenal Cronut® is now trademarked. Those bakers currently mimicking the chef’s hybrid-pastry recipe may want to take heed. As a consumer, I proceeded with my faux cronut quest, unabated by the news. I drove to Orange, California to visit DK’s Donuts.… Continue reading Fancy Donuts Are Not Cronuts

The Best Faux Cronuts of the Year

Friends, that scrumptious time of the month is upon us. That’s right. It’s time for another faux cronut quest! My initial recons took me to the Los Angeles area, twice. Last month, I stayed within the Inland Empire. On this trip, I drove to neighboring Orange County. Rather than scour a cronut map, I turned… Continue reading The Best Faux Cronuts of the Year

I Haven’t Met a Croughnut I Didn’t Like

Some of you might be thinking it’s fall. Cronuts were a summer craze. Well, not for me. I love this delightful pastry! If you’ve had a CronutTM from its creator Dominique Ansel or a well-made knockoff, then you understand why. If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for? As long as bakeries… Continue reading I Haven’t Met a Croughnut I Didn’t Like