Recipe Review: Apple Fritter Bread

As someone with many food and dessert vices, self-control is a struggle I lose more often than I win. However, I can claim victory when it comes to breakfast treats. I’d rather not splurge early in the day, as it means having to be sensible for the rest (and who knows what may come my… Continue reading Recipe Review: Apple Fritter Bread

Expect Anything from Cupcakes

“I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than fatally disappointed.” ― Julia Glass If given a choice, what would your preference be, surprise or disappointment? Without a doubt, I would choose to be surprised. Yet, continually I explore new bakeries with conscious or subconscious expectations. Inevitably, leading to letdowns. Such was the case of my mission to… Continue reading Expect Anything from Cupcakes

The Ontario Bakery Diversion

How often do you heed your own advice? I confess at times, I’m likely to remember the words of a powerful quote or a valued friend more than my own. I chastised myself for this the other day, as I was in a familiar situation. Despite my online research, the initial shop selected for this week’s dessert mission had not worked… Continue reading The Ontario Bakery Diversion