Strawberry Love Letter to the Donut Man

The Donut Man - Strawberry Donuts

What are you in the mood for this Valentine’s Day?

Perhaps, some rich Red Velvet? What about decadent chocolate, by itself or combined with luscious strawberries or raspberries?

Or maybe, donuts?

Yes, I said donuts.

But I’m not talking any donuts. I mean Strawberry Donuts from The Donut Man in Glendora, California.

I first heard of this national treasure a couple of years ago. It’s been voted the Best Donut Shop in Los Angeles by LA Weekly and featured on The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, and PBS.

Open 24 hours; there was little excuse for not visiting sooner.

So when I heard their famous Strawberry Donuts were back in season, I made it a priority.

Avoiding the weekend crowd, I dropped by on a weekday afternoon. There were only a couple of customers ahead at the walk up window.

Of course, I had seen photos online. But it did not compare to behold the Strawberry Donuts in person, dozens and dozens of ruby-red stuffed perfections.

At $4 each, I only ordered one. It was all I could handle. And I knew it was best to eat it fresh.

The donut’s fragrant scent filled the car during my drive home, making it impossible to forget the precious cargo. However, I did not give in to my senses, and waited until I had the right tools.

Jim Nakano, founder of The Donut Man, suggests his concoction be eaten “like a hamburger.” I opted for a fork.

Thus, once armed with a utensil, I reached for a strawberry. Big and juicy, the fruit gel allowed the berry’s natural flavor to shine.

The donut was glorious. Not greasy, rather a pillowy middle and sweet glazed exterior.

Before long, I rationed the plump strawberries into quarters, so I could enjoy the fruit and soft dough together.

Every bite was a delight.

When only the remnants remained, I didn’t feel like a glutton, instead I felt refreshed – a surprising effect for a dessert, especially a donut.

I give The Donut Man 4 out of 5 stars. Uncomplicated, their Strawberry Donut is pure satisfaction.

I look forward to continuing this strawberry love affair and sparking a new one when peach season begins.

Surely, this is the beginning of a great relationship.


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