The Ontario Bakery Diversion

Ontario Bakery - Peanut Butter BrowniesHow often do you heed your own advice?

I confess at times, I’m likely to remember the words of a powerful quote or a valued friend more than my own.

I chastised myself for this the other day, as I was in a familiar situation.

Despite my online research, the initial shop selected for this week’s dessert mission had not worked out. The clock ticking to standard closing time, I needed another place – quick!

Using a phone app, I found one I recognized from my master reconnaissance list, Ontario Bakery in Ontario, California. 

Parking outside, I didn’t know what to expect. However, experience should have taught me serendipity. Some of my better discoveries have come from detours.

The brightly lit store held several display cases, each with a different a delight. I strolled the full length to take it all in – fudge, parfaits, cakes, cake pops, brownies, and cookies.

Tempted at every turn, it took another walk about their spacious area to make a decision.

Then came the total, $6.27 for three items! I couldn’t believe the value.

Ontario Bakery - Strawberry CakeOnce home, impatience got the best of me. An appraisal of my goodies inside the bakery box became dessert before dinner.

The culprit – a slice of Strawberry Cake. Yes, I said cake. Although there were cupcakes at Ontario Bakery, their cakes were more alluring. Especially when the associated described it: a strawberry cake, with a layer of strawberry frosting in the middle, topped with buttercream and cream cheese frosting.

Did you catch the three types of frosting?

Those of you, who are frosting faint of heart, can skip ahead. For the rest, know the cake was a backdrop.

Its strawberry flavor was above average and its moistness acceptable. The strawberry pieces were a nice touch in the strawberry frosting. It reminded me of my mom’s recipe.

The generous buttercream was more sugary than flavorful. Even so, there was a lightness in the consistency and no aftertaste. A thin layer of cream cheese frosting covered the buttercream, similar to a ganache. I liked its richness. No doubt, the experience would have been different with more.

The sugar coma hit me by cake’s end.

Hence, after a night’s rest, I resumed my critique of Ontario Bakery with their Peanut Butter Brownie.

Friends, words almost fail me. This was everything a brownie should be – moist, dense, and phenomenally fudgy.

Ontario Bakery - Apple Spice ParfaitAt room temperature, it nearly melted in my mouth. Somehow, its form adhered to the peanut butter chips. While the glossy, chocolate frosting added more decadence. 

Hands down, the best $1.69 I’ve ever spent.

I closed with their Apple Spice Parfait. Usually, the parfaits I eat include yogurt. To have one filled with spice cake, cream cheese frosting, and apples was a fortuitous find.

My first bite was nothing but smooth, cream cheese frosting. The next spoonful had some cake. It was difficult to discern the flavor because of all the frosting (not complaining, merely stating a fact).

I dug deeper.

Pushing the plentiful frosting aside, I focused on the spiced cake. Its flavor was all right. But it was the blend of sweetened, diced apples and cream cheese frosting that enhanced its taste.

After some deliberation, I give Ontario Bakery 3.5 out of 5 stars. Though fulfilled by frosting, I cannot be bias. Had I enjoyed their cake as much as their brownie, the rating would’ve been higher.

Still, they’re a good value and I’d gladly return.

By the way, I’m still pacing myself on the parfait. Even a Frosting Fanatic knows the difference between a marathon and a race.


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