The Flaw in the Fairy Tale Cupcakes

Cinderella Cakes - Chocolate Overload CupcakesWhat if cupcakes were like fairy tales? No matter which you choose, you would be guaranteed a happy ending?

I couldn’t help but wonder, as I traveled to this week’s fanciful dessert destination. It was Cinderella Cakes in Anaheim, California. 

Months ago, I had seen their delivery van on the highway and jotted down the name. In reviewing their website, I learned they had been in business for over 60 years. Their specialty – making flour and sugar become art.

Upon arrival, I realized my mind was prepared for the visit, but my stomach was not. 

Jumbo-sized cupcakes beckoned in the display case.

My eyes were surprised as well.

The price was $4.50 each.

I took another glimpse around. There were no smaller options. It was either all in or go home.

An associate appeared from the back and politely answered my questions. They all looked wonderful. However, as a Frosting Fanatic, I knew that could be deceiving.

Wanting to make the most of my money, it took a further round of inquiries to complete my purchase.

Later that night, I started with their Crazy Carrot. Back at the store, I realized I had not given enough attention to carrot cakes in Orange County.

Cinderella Cakes uses walnuts and a touch of raisins in their recipe. The nuts and carrots were disguised in the cake with the usual spices. At a notch above dry, its texture was just okay.

Overall, I’ve had better carrot cake. What improved this cupcake was the cream cheese frosting. 

The thick, rich layer was exceptional and the walnuts along the rim were a nice enhancement. 

This cake needed the frosting, but the frosting did not need this cake.

Cinderella Cakes - Carrot CupcakesI approached my next cupcake, the Chocolate Overload. It’s a chocolate cake with triple fudge filling, and then iced with triple fudge dipped in chocolate ganache.

Normally, I shy away from such a chocolate trifecta and opt for a more balanced combination. However, at the store, the allure of their chocolate cupcakes was impossible to resist. 

Now, with the chocolate beast before me, reasoning was kicking in. But it was too little too late.

I sliced the cupcake in half, hoping to restrain the intensity.

Alas, that helped little.

The first bite was innocent enough. It was just cake, ordinary cake. In fact, it was dry and lacked flavor.

So, I combined the cake with the triple fudge filling. It was dense with a deep chocolate taste.

Only a thin layer of cake divided the filling from the extra triple fudge icing dipped in ganache. 

Its smooth shell melted in my mouth when consumed with the triple fudge icing. But not before infusing more indulgence.

About 2/3 into my cupcake portion, the cake got in the way. I pushed it aside, and finished the triple fudge and ganache.

Descending into a chocolate spiral, I crumpled to the floor (no, I’m not exaggerating). Cursing myself for not having a glass of milk handy.

Eventually, I made it to my fridge and then to bed for recovery. 

The next day, I mulled things over. This was another one of those borderline experiences. 

Positives: delicious frosting and attractive cupcakes. Negatives: average cake and pricey.

Since neither my stomach nor wallet had room for a tiebreaker, I’m going with a gut rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars for Cinderella Cakes.

This assumes some of their other cake flavors might be better.

Indeed, this frosted adventure was a flawed fairy tale. Still, I’ll take my good moments.


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