When Crafty Cupcakes Call

Jeseca Creations - Moulin Rouge CupcakeNot again. 

After a year, how do their looks still trick me, their descriptions?

Perhaps, I should start from the beginning…

I selected a nearby bakery for my weekend mission, Jeseca Creations in Chino Hills, California. I discovered them using highly analytical research – Google. 

Before my visit, I spent enough time on their website to see they were well-regarded for wedding cakes. Additionally, the cupcake flavors looked promising.

However once inside the store, my optimism faded. 

It was definitely more of a cake bakery. In the front display case below the cash register, the petite cupcakes seemed an afterthought.

Nevertheless at only $2 each, it didn’t hurt to try.

I asked the associate for more details and with his help, I decided upon two.

Once home, I went for the Moulin Rouge first. A twist on the southern classic, it’s red velvet and white cake marble with a chocolate ganache filling and cream cheese frosting.

Now I cannot reiterate enough how fastidious I am about Red Velvet. Honestly, it’s an almost sacred flavor that I only trust a handful of bakers with.

Yet the marbled description piqued my curiosity, along with the ganache center.

Thus imagine my dismay when this cupcake failed to fulfill the basics.

Jeseca Creations - Signature CupcakeThe cake was dry, like day old dry, and with little flavor. The frosting was silky and buttery. Though for cream cheese frosting, it was unlike any I’ve ever had. There was no richness or density.

The chocolate ganache center was nice, but not enough to save the cupcake. I didn’t finish it.

With the air of uncertainty palpable, I moved towards Jeseca’s Signature. It’s dark chocolate with a raspberry center, topped with chocolate mousse and a dark chocolate ganache.

With my fork, I split the cupcake in half, filled it with all the components, and took a bite.

This brings us back to my introduction

Like before the cake was dry, as if it was a day old.

The raspberry filling was pleasant, along with the mousse and ganache. However combined with the dry cake, it meant little. I didn’t bother to finish this one either.

Maybe the bakery cakes differ, but I give Jeseca Creations 2.5 out of 5 stars for cupcakes.

I wish I could say each experience like this makes me wiser. But I cannot.

It’s hard to discern the great from the ordinary amidst the frosting and frills of these crafty cupcakes. 

All I know is that I remain hopeful; the memorable discoveries will outweigh any disappointments.


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