Circus Animal Cookie Cupcakes

Photo Courtesy of Suite 106 Cupcakery - Circus Animal Cookie Cupcakes

Friends, I don’t know how you unwind after a long week. But it’s no secret my Friday evening ritual involves dessert.

It’s just a matter of choosing what kind and from where. Over the past weekend, my longtime friend made the decision for me.

She was in town from Northern California. I picked her up from her relative’s house and we headed out for dinner. As we approached the restaurant, I mentioned that Suite 106 Cupcakery was nearby.

As a follower of my blog, she was aware of the Rancho Cucamonga bakery.

“We are going to stop by?” she asked rhetorically.

Obviously, to not visit was simply unacceptable.

Hence I altered our route and soon found myself parking in front of the Suite 106 shop.

While she appraised the day’s selection, I advised her of their recent listing as one of The 101 Best Cupcakes in America. Thus, any choice she made was likely to be a good one.

In the meantime, a vibrant pink and white cupcake caught my eye. The label said Circus Animal Cookie

I asked an associate for more information. He described it as their Madagascar vanilla cake with a creamy ganache, topped with vanilla buttercream frosting covered in crushed cookies and rainbow sprinkles, and then garnished with a Circus Animal Cookie.

I gasped in excitement. The cookie was a childhood favorite, so the combination was nostalgic and mouth-watering.

We made our purchase and returned to my car. My girlfriend opened the box and reached for her cupcake immediately.

I usually eat cupcakes at home with a plate and fork. We didn’t even have napkins, I thought.

She was already taking her first bite.

I refused to go without napkins, so I returned to the shop to grab some before indulging.

It was worth the minute wait.

Moist, sweet, vanilla cake filled my taste buds. It was delicious enough on its own.

Then came the smooth, generous frosting. I loved its finely, crushed cookies crumbs. And the vanilla ganache resembled the creamy coating on Circus Animal Cookies. It was like frosting on top of frosting!

About halfway through, I stopped to savor the cookie with a gob of vanilla buttercream adhering to the bottom. Scrumptious.

By this time, the cupcake began to lose its original shape; but I moved forward. My fingers immersed in frosting, I was enjoying every sprinkle.

At one point, my friend asked if she should step outside so I could be alone.

I laughed and told her it was okay. Guess I got really caught up in the cupcake.

I brushed myself off, regained my composure, and with a sugar high in full force we continued to dinner.

Thank you, Suite 106 Cupcakery. It was a great trip down memory lane with my friend and your cupcake.


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