Will Make U-Turn for Cupcakes

Creme de la Creme Bakery - NeapolitanAs a creature of habit, I have
a routine for a cupcake reconnaissance.

I pick a bakery, check their website, set my navigation, and I’m on way. It’s pretty basic, right?

Yet every now and then, fate intervenes and changes my course. Take my latest mission.

I was driving through the residential hills of Riverside, California heading towards my destination. Not far into my journey, I noticed a billboard advertising a bakery about two miles ahead.

Though the name of the bakery seemed familiar, my curiosity was piqued.

I kept a lookout and soon saw it on my left.

As I waited to make a u-turn, I looked at my clock. If this bakery didn’t work out, there was still time to continue towards my initial recon.

I parked in front of Creme de la Creme Bakery and admired the painted French theme windows. I had been there before, just not that location. 

It was a couple of years ago at their Corona store. Back then I wasn’t too impressed.

However, I’ve given other bakeries a second chance. So I entered the shop and headed straight for their cupcake display case.

To my delight, they had stepped up their game!

Their cupcakes were fancier, with fillings and toppings. And they came in two sizes – small for $2.45 each or large for $3.75 each.

I admit it took longer than usual to decide. I was torn between their flavors and the reasonable and indulgent sizes.

Finally, I selected two and left for home. My original plans would have to wait for another day.

Creme de la Creme Bakery - SnickerdoodleI began my critique with their large, Neapolitan Cupcake. It’s a white and strawberry marbled cake with chocolate mousse filling, topped with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate buttercream rosettes.

My first taste was cake and strawberry buttercream. The frosting was smooth and sweet. The cake was moist with a fresh-baked quality. Its strawberry marble was bright pink and had a nice flavor, along with the white vanilla.

A couple of bites later, I reached the chocolate mousse center. It was light in texture and flavor, making a good complement to the cake and contrast to the richer chocolate buttercream.

After a break, I moved on to their Snickerdoodle. It’s a cinnamon and sugar cake with vanilla buttercream.

I chose this not only because it’s a favorite flavor, but also it’s one of the better cupcakes I remember from my first Creme de la Creme Bakery experience.

The cinnamon and sugar cake wasn’t as moist as the marble cupcake. Its flavor was average.

I was beginning to question the accuracy of my memory until I tasted the frosting.

The vanilla buttercream was smooth with a touch of cinnamon. It captured the Snickerdoodle cookie essence.

But alas, since I had purchased the small cupcake, the frosting was gone too soon. Next time I won’t be so sensible.

I give Creme de la Creme Bakery 3.5 out of 5 stars – an improved rating than I would’ve given a couple of years ago.

Once again changing my course has yielded tasty results.

I will keep making plans. But I’ll always be willing to deviate if fate intervenes.


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