Old Town Brownies and Bars

Old Town Baking Co - Cookies & Cream Bar

Some of you may be thinking I’m starting to get a little lazy with my titles, as this sounds very similar to my previous post.

The rest of you may understand my logic for doing so.

I had visited Old Town Baking Company in Rancho Cucamonga, California. 

Readers of Inland Empire Magazine voted them a Best Bakery 2014, because of their specialty breads, sweet breads, gourmet cookies, and more.

Of course I sampled their cupcakes. But I didn’t stop there.

You know how food calls to me… It’s a gift and a curse.

Their corner display case was full of so many tempting treats; it was impossible to focus on just cupcakes.

And on the next shelf below, were dessert bars and brownies. 

I was enthralled.

Resistance was futile, so I didn’t bother. With the associate’s help, I chose two and completed my purchase.

Old Town Baking Co - Rockslide Brownie

At home, I started with their Rockslide Brownie. It’s a brownie base covered with caramel, pecans, and brownie chunks.

I trusted my intuition and warmed it a smidge. 

What a glorious decision. The caramel oozed into a rich puddle surrounding the brownie. I put down my fork and opted for a spoon, so I wouldn’t miss a single drop.

The brownie base was moist and chewy, as were the chunks. The caramel was smooth and there were enough pecans for a nutty contrast.

It was a scrumptious brownie.

Feeling more optimistic about Old Town’s dessert bars than their cupcakes, I moved on to my next selection.

It was their Cookies & Cream Bar. Inspired by Oreos, it’s a layered bar with a chocolate cookie bottom, chocolate cream middle, and cookies & cream topping drizzled with chocolate.

I enjoyed this dessert bar at room temperature. The cookie bottom was soft and chocolaty. Its center cream layer was thin with a subtler chocolate flavor.

The cookies & cream topping was ample. It had a light consistency and generous cookie pieces throughout.

When the last crumb was gone, I smiled in satisfaction. 

I give Old Town Baking Company 3.5 out 5 stars for their brownies and dessert bars. And at only $2.75 each, it’s a good value. 

Now, I can understand the appeal of this bakery. From breads to desserts, they have it covered. No wonder it’s an Inland Empire favorite. 


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