Second Chance Cupcakes

Dolcissimo Bakeshop - Dreamy Strawberry CupcakeFriends, even a dessert enthusiast like myself needs balance. And to be honest, after enjoying my friend’s Super Bowl menu a little too much, I struggled in choosing my next cupcake reconnaissance.

Against my usual preference, I didn’t want a larger cupcake or lots of frosting. I wanted something reasonable.

After some consideration, I chose to revisit Dolcissimo Bakeshop in Chino Hills, California.

I hadn’t been there since 2010, so it would be almost like new. From what I remembered their cupcakes looked cute, though I wasn’t impressed with the taste.

All the same, my reintroductions thus far have yielded positive results, as the shop and/or my palate have changed.

Since Dolcissimo recently celebrated their 5th anniversary in Chino Hills and now have another location in Santa Ana, I was curious to see if the same would hold true.

I selected two cupcakes from their eight rotating flavors. To my surprise, it was Happy Hour so cupcakes were $2.50 each instead of $3.25.


I began the reacquaintance with their Snickerdoodle. It’s a cinnamon cake with cinnamon buttercream, dusted with sugar.

Now some of you may have noticed that I’m drawn to this flavor. It’s one of my favorite cookies and when done right, it makes a scrumptious cupcake.

Alas, this was not one of those cupcakes.

The memories of Dolcissimo came flooding back with my first bite. The cake’s texture was barely moist. It was rather spongy. There was some cinnamon flavor, but the cake could not stand-alone.

Dolcissimo Bakeshop - Snickerdoodle CupcakesThe buttercream frosting was thick and sugary. Again not much flavor, unless you count the aftertaste. It could not stand-alone either.

However, if you consumed both together, it was okay.

How odd?

I reached for my second choice, their Dreamy Strawberry. It’s a strawberry cake with white chocolate buttercream.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, how could I resist this combination? In addition, it should’ve been simple to execute.


This cupcake shared the same problems. The cake’s consistency was spongy and its strawberry flavor was slight.

The buttercream frosting had minimal flavor, so I can’t say it was white chocolate. I can attest to an aftertaste.

As long as I ate both together, the cupcake was okay. Separate the imperfections were more noticeable.

Reluctantly, I give Dolcissimo Bakeshop 3 out of 5 stars (2.75 to be precise, but I must round up).

I confess this shop baffles me. With so much cupcake competition, I do not understand the secret to their success.

It seems this second chance has only confirmed Dolcissimo’s is not for me.

Oh, well… Live, learn, and eat another cupcake.


2 thoughts on “Second Chance Cupcakes

  1. Wow . . . that pretty much affirms my sentiment . . . that all cupcakes are not created equal. Just because you have several locations and a large TV following does not mean you have a good product! Hopefully, all cupcake bakeries will take heed! Thanks again for your input!


    1. I believe location is key a factor in this instance. The Shoppes at Chino Hills is a prime spot. Perhaps patrons like the convenience of Dolcissimo. Better tasting cupcakes are just right across the street at Darla’s Cake Design. However, that shopping center isn’t as nice.


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