Happy Holiday Pie

I Like Pie Bake Shop - Egg Nog Custard

What’s your favorite flavor during the holiday season? Is it peppermint, gingerbread, eggnog, or perhaps all three?

Without question mine is eggnog. I love it in cupcakes, cookies, frozen yogurt – you get the point.

Thus for my Flavor of the Month story, I tried to think outside my palate and spare you my obsession.

However, fate intervened.

I returned to I Like Pie Bakeshop in Claremont, California. Some of you may remember them from a November reconnaissance. I had raved about their jelly jar pies. I even told my mother and she made me promise to buy her one when she came to visit.

Well with my mother in town for the Holidays, the time had come to fulfill my word.

I knew I didn’t possess the willpower to purchase dessert for her alone. It was just a matter of what would tempt me.

Sure enough I Like Pie had a new flavor, Egg Nog Custard. Their signature pastry cream is made with eggnog and topped with whipped cream.

The pie called to me upon entering their shop. How delicious it looked.

Before I could become fully immersed in its splendor, the associate offered me a sample.

Of course I accepted, and it was magical. I had to have more.

It was only available in the large jelly jar size at $6.50. This worked out fine. The small probably wouldn’t have been enough to satisfy me.

Once home, I sat down with a spoon and savored my holiday pie. The custard was rich and creamy, with a pudding-like consistency. The eggnog flavor was just right, not too strong, and not too light.

Their tender crust cradled the filling and I adored their whipped cream. With nutmeg sprinkled atop, it was the perfect complement.

I’ll admit I paused for a break, but I did finish my pie later. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed eggnog more.

Thank you, I Like Pie! You’ve given me another reason to love the Holidays.


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