My Chocolate-Covered Cupcake Holiday

Cookies Your Way - Dippity Do Dah Cupcakes

Did you know that December 16 was National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day? How did you celebrate?

I confess this holiday caught me by surprise and it took me a couple of days to find a suitable way to indulge. However, thanks to the mobile bakery Cookies Your Way based in Corona, California I succeeded.

You see among their cookies, brownies, and bars, they also serve Dippity Do Dah Cupcakes. The name sounds like a Disney song and the description like music to my ears – chocolate covered cupcakes.

As one of their followers on Twitter, I’d been watching their truck’s schedule for a few weeks, but my timing never aligned. I was beginning to think I’d have to wait until next year, and then an impromptu event was announced.

Finally, the chocolate-covered precious would be mine.

The Cookies Your Way ladies had three flavors for me to choose from – chocolate, vanilla and red velvet at $3.50 each. The chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were covered in milk chocolate, while the red velvet was covered in dark.

Since dark chocolate isn’t my preference, I opted for the milk chocolate cupcakes.

At home, I couldn’t tell the flavors apart. The packaging wasn’t labeled and in the excitement of my reconnaissance, I forgot to ask.

Seeing as I wasn’t sharing either, I guess it really didn’t matter, so I picked one and took a bite.

Oh, I have another addiction, I thought to myself.

The layer of milk chocolate was thick. The chocolate cupcake was flavorful and incredibly moist. If you’re familiar with cake balls, it was similar, only better.

I stopped midway and switched to the vanilla cupcake. I liked it even more!

The classic combination of vanilla and chocolate is a longtime favorite, and this one was wonderful. I adored the moist vanilla cake surrounded by the layer of rich milk chocolate.

I had zero self-control with these cupcakes. I finished both… Unless you’ve had them, please don’t judge me.

I give Cookies Your Way 4 out of 5 stars for their Dippity Do Dah Cupcakes.

I’ve seen photos of other cupcake flavors, such as Lemon. I will definitely be stalking, I mean watching their mobile bakery for more.


2 thoughts on “My Chocolate-Covered Cupcake Holiday

  1. Thank you for the nice review, we are so glad you enjoyed them. We thought we explained to you how to tell them apart, but I guess in all the excitement of finally having you meet up with us we forgot. The color of the swirl on top is the indicator of the flavor inside. Example…Vanilla = white Red Velvet = Red Lemon = yellow Strawberry = pink and Chocolate is primarily dark chocolate however at Christmas time we use green. We are working on getting labels designed and printed to put on the packaging. As the popularity of our Dippity Do Dahs grow we will continue to add more flavors. Happy Holidays from Cookies Your Way.


    1. It was a pleasure meeting you and tasting your treats! Your color code makes sense. Had I paused a moment to think, perhaps I would’ve figure it out. However, I was anxious to eat instead 🙂 Happy Holidays! See you next year.


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