It’s Simpler with Cupcakes

Pinky's Cupcakery - Campfire NightsLife is full of simple pleasures. Whether it’s a special place within the city, a seemingly mundane activity, or a favorite food.

Admittedly, one of mine are cupcakes.

No matter how stressful the day, troubles seem to melt away, and for a few moments, life isn’t as complicated.

This feeling was prevalent on my last reconnaissance. I went to Pinky’s Cupcakery in Fountain Valley, California.

They promote themselves as more than just a bakery. They’re also a place for young cooks to hone their skills and learn to bake cupcakes, cake pops and cookies. Additionally, they welcome parties and fundraisers.

The decor isn’t as polished compared to other cupcake shops. However, it is cheerful and kid-friendly.

As I assessed my choices, two little girls waited behind me with their parents. I heard them mention one of the flavors I was interested in; so I confirmed the available quantity with the associate.

I couldn’t deprive a child of her cupcake. I know how upset I get as an adult.

Thankfully, there was enough for all. Thus, I continued with my purchase.

Once home, I started with Pinky’s Charlie Brown Cupcake. It’s a peanut butter cake with a fudge filling, peanut butter chocolate cream cheese frosting and topped with pieces of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

The cake was moist with a nice peanut butter flavor. I enjoyed the frosting and its chocolate candy pieces.

Although I liked the fudge filling, it seemed odd to introduce a richer chocolate. I couldn’t help but wonder how a milk chocolate filling would have tasted instead?

Pinky's Cupcakery - Charlie Brown Next, I tried Pinky’s Campfire Nights Cupcake. It’s a chocolate cake with a marshmallow filling, topped with a light buttercream frosting, and a chocolate graham cracker with toasted marshmallow.

With a fork in hand, I approached the cupcake like an adult.

This allowed me access to the cake and frosting, but it was useless for the graham cracker affixed to the top.

Thus I set the fork aside, yielded to my inner child, and used my hands.

I gently removed the graham cracker so I could focus on the cupcake.

The cake was devil’s food and reminded me of a Hostess cupcake. The frosting was marshmallow and matched the filling inside.

Halfway through, I picked up the chocolate covered graham cracker.

Along with the dollop of toasted marshmallow atop the cracker, there was a little marshmallow frosting on the bottom. It was sticky, sweet, and chocolaty.

No wonder the little girls in line wanted this flavor. This was a fun cupcake!

I give Pinky’s Cupcakery 3.5 out of 5 stars. For $2.50 each, they offer good cupcakes at a great value.

As busy as life gets, it’s important to take time for the little things. Whatever your simple pleasure may be, I hope you do so.

I know I’ll always make time for cupcakes.


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