Cupcakes from the Heart from the Heart - Vanilla Cookie Butter CupcakeNo matter where life takes us, we never forget the taste of home.

The memories of mom’s cooking, recipes from grandma, or dad’s specials linger for years to come.

It’s more than just its taste. These foods are made from the heart.

Cooking from the heart can sometimes be found outside our homes as well. I found it during my last cupcake recon.

It seems apropos, as I visited from the Heart Bakeshop in Lakewood, California. They’re a 2011 winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.

I reviewed their website beforehand to get an idea of their capabilities. Like most bakeries, their daily selection varies.

On the day of my visit, their Cupcake Wars flavor wasn’t available. I was a little disappointed, as Chardonnay Ricotta Almond Raspberry had piqued my interest. However, my alternate selections proved to be worthy.

My first choice was their Carrot Cupcake. Now I realize this may seem ordinary. Yet, from the Heart does something unique. Instead of walnuts, they use pecans.

This was a game-changer. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

I wondered what to expect? Would this be some kind of Carrot-Hummingbird Cake hybrid?

From the first bite, I was hooked.

The cake was rich, buttery and moist. Except for the one atop the frosting, I didn’t see any pecans, but I could taste its essence. I did notice the carrots and chunks of pineapple throughout. The cream cheese frosting was smooth and generous.

There was something else too. Something pure and simple made me think of home. from the Heart - Carrot Cake CupcakeWhen finished, I sighed and reflected upon the sublime experience.

My second choice was their Vanilla Cookie Butter Cupcake. It’s a vanilla cake with cinnamon on top and cookie butter frosting from Trader Joe’s.

To be candid, this was to be my first cookie butter encounter. I’ve always avoided it.

Cookies and butter? It just sounds wrong. I have enough addictions.

Nevertheless, in the name of blog research, I set aside my apprehension.

I’m glad I did, because I loved this cupcake!

The vanilla and cinnamon were prevalent. Savoring the cake revealed butter as well. Its texture was dense, not quite like pound cake, but it had a homemade quality.

The cookie butter buttercream was lighter in texture and flavor than I expected. It was the perfect complement. Glorious.

I do feel remiss for my loss of words describing this frosting. However, the cookie butter flavor is so distinct, it’s better experienced.

I give from the Heart 4 out of 5 stars. I do believe their cupcakes have that special ingredient and at $3 each, they’re an excellent value.

I’m thankful I have a best friend who lives near their shop. It gives this Frosting Fanatic many an opportunity to satisfy her love for cupcakes.


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