Evolution of a Cupcake Connoisseur

ConfeXion - Cannoli CupcakeMy friends, I stand before you a changed woman. Well, I would be if you could see me.

After that walk outside my comfort zone, I’ve adjusted my Cupcake Dos and Don’ts List. The selections I made during my latest reconnaissance reflected my broader perspective.

Please allow me to elaborate.

Some of you may recall my visit to ConfeXion Cupcakes & Cake in Pasadena, California for their Brioughnuts. As winners of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, of course I tried their cupcakes as well – I am a professional foodie.

They carry five standard flavors everyday, along with gluten-free and vegan. In addition, they feature special flavors.

That Saturday, I chose two cupcakes from their daily specials.

I started my critique with Confexion’s Cannoli Cupcake. It’s a Madagascar vanilla bean cake with ground pistachios, cannoli filling and cream cheese frosting.

This cupcake was a step forward due to my limited experience with cannoli. My previous memory was cream filled tubes with powdered sugar and chocolate chips. I don’t recall the pistachios and I haven’t had many encounters with this particular nut.

ConfeXion - Bacon Chocolate CupcakeMy first bite revealed a cake with a prevalent vanilla essence. Its density was similar to pound cake. I loved it!

There was a sprinkle of pistachios throughout the batter. The cream cheese frosting was rich and the sugar crystals provided a nice contrast against its smooth texture.

I liked the ricotta cheese and mini-chocolate chips in the middle of the cake. Honestly, it took me by surprise. I was so engrossed in the other components of the cupcake; the cannoli filling was a bonus.

Next, I tried their Chocolate Bacon Caramel Cupcake. It’s a Dark Valrhona Chocolate cake dipped in bacon caramel with fudgy chocolate frosting.

This was a double stretch for me.

One, it was dark chocolate. I’ve always preferred milk chocolate. However, after mistakenly getting a hold of bittersweet chocolate a couple of weeks ago, I thought I was better equipped to handle dark.

Two, it’s no secret I’m a bacon lover; but I’m persnickety about bacon and chocolate combinations.

My instincts were right about the chocolate cake. It was moist and flavorful. I really enjoyed the frosting. It was creamy and the chocolate wasn’t too intense.

Now, about the bacon… It was saltier than I prefer. Had the sea salt been omitted, I would’ve enjoyed it more, as the bacon was already savory. The caramel drizzle was the only sweetness and it was light.

I give ConfeXion 4 out of 5 stars for their cupcakes. With their baking style, I can see why they won Cupcake Wars twice.

I’m glad my palate continues to evolve. I can only imagine what future missions have in store.

Oh, what a fun ride this is going to be.


2 thoughts on “Evolution of a Cupcake Connoisseur

  1. I enjoyed a lovely sweet potato cupcake with marshmallow topping and a sugar coated bacon crisp recently. I’m not a marshmallow girl, but it was really yummy!


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