I Came for Cupcakes and Made a Brownie Detour

As some of you may recall, my latest cupcake reconnaissance took me to The Oinkster in Eagle Rock, California, an eatery better known for its burgers and pastrami sandwiches. During my visit, I ordered another dessert, their Nut Brownie.

I confess, I added this brownie to my agenda before entering The Oinkster. Prior to any recon, I assess the menu and available photos. The Nut Brownie image caught my attention instantly. It called to me.

You see, I can resist a plain brownie or one sprinkled with powdered sugar. However, add icing or frosting and you have my Kryptonite. Always has been.

I waited until I was home to enjoy the confection. I warmed it slightly, allowing the ingredients to “get happy”. With a glass of milk in hand, I was ready to begin the critique.

My standard for a good brownie is similar to cupcakes. The brownie must be sufficient enough to stand-alone, as should the icing/frosting. Together they should enhance each other, creating a taste experience ranging from delicious to life changing.

Photo Courtesy of The Oinkster - DessertsAt first bite, I was surprised by the chocolate intensity of The Oinkster’s Nut Brownie. I was expecting more of a fudgy taste, like store bakeries. Admittedly, I underestimated this brownie.

It was more of a gourmet caliber, with a deep and rich flavor. Its chocolate icing was decadent and would be ideal drizzled on strawberries or pound cake as well.

Regarding nuts, I can take brownies with or without, depending on my mood. Thus, the walnuts did not add or subtract for me.

I give The Oinkster Nut Brownie 3.5 out of 5 stars. This eatery truly has skills that extend beyond their burgers and pastrami.

I look forward to trying their other desserts as well – lemon bars, milkshakes, and ice cream cookie sandwiches. As a foodie, I’m excited! As a Frosting Fanatic, I’m pleased. That’s a win-win in my book.


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