Cupcake Conundrum

Photo byf My Delight Cupcakery - Snickers Cupcake

This is a conundrum. I have started and stopped this review a couple of times because it hasn’t felt right. I was unsure of the correct approach.

As a foodie, I first became aware of My Delight Cupcakery in Ontario, California last summer. I heard they made a Late Night Breakfast Cupcake with pieces of fried chicken. I had to try it! That day, I lucked out and tried another non-traditional cupcake as well, their Breakfast Cake with bacon.

Now that I’m blogging, I thought it would be great to review their breakfast theme for you. However, with my palate more refined a year later, after a second taste, I couldn’t recommend the cupcakes. It was more about the unique experience.

There lies the problem. I am not just here for the experience. If you’re going to indulge in a dessert, I want to help make your choice worth it.

I took a few days to reflect, wondering if My Delight Cupcakery had more to offer. They were named the #1 Bakery on the 2012 Inland Empire’s HOTLIST and won accolades in the LA Cupcake Challenge… Perhaps I should sample from their more “traditional” selection.

So, here we go again. I ordered their Flavor of the Week, Snickers Cupcake. It’s a chocolate cake, stuffed with a layer of caramel and peanut-caramel mousse mixed with peanuts, frosted with a peanut butter-caramel buttercream, drizzled with caramel and chocolate, topped with Snickers pieces.

Photo by My Delight Cupcakery - Carrot CakeThe frosting was decadent. It was the cupcake’s best feature. By contrast, the cake was simply there to support the frosting. I can’t say it was dry; yet, it wasn’t moist either. It did not taste chocolaty and could not stand-alone. The cake needed the frosting.

Next I tried an everyday flavor, Carrot Cupcake. Every baker makes carrot cake a little different. My Delight Cupcakery uses pineapple and coconut in their recipe. I’ve had pineapple before. However, coconut in a carrot cake was a first.

I lifted my fork and took a bite. Hope was rekindled. The cake was flavorful and surprisingly light in texture. The cream cheese frosting was smooth and creamy. Its crushed walnuts around the edges helped complement the cake. This was a good cupcake!

Photo by My Delight Cupcakery - Vanilla Chocolate CakeI approached my last sample optimistically. It was another everyday flavor and my favorite classic, a Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate frosting. Sigh, it was a repeat of their Snickers Cupcake.

The dark chocolate frosting with sprinkles made the cupcake. Its flavor was deep and rich, very satisfying indeed. Conversely, their Madagascar bourbon vanilla cake was just there for support. There wasn’t much flavor and I found it a little dry. It needed the frosting.

After much struggle, arguing with my calculator and considering past reviews, I give My Delight Cupcakery 3.5 out of 5 stars. Let me say, they almost scored my first 3.0 rating. Seriously, baking a chocolate or vanilla cake is basic. However, their frosting redeemed them. Moreover, I cannot say that I truly believe they are the lesser baker thus far.

My Delight Cupcakery is so creative with their flavors no doubt someday I’ll be tempted to try them again. I would go willingly. Who knows, I may discover another cake I enjoyed like the carrot. Regardless, as a Frosting Fanatic, I’m sure I’ll be content.


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