It’s American as Apple Pie and Waffles

Photo courtesy of Bruxie - Vermont Apple PieI admit even a fanatic such as myself takes a break from frosting occasionally. Note I said frosting, not desserts – let’s not get crazy.

When I do, you’ll often find me at Bruxie in Chino Hills, California. For those who live outside of southern California, I’m truly sorry, as Bruxie is something I feel everyone should experience. 

What is Bruxie? They use a creative version of an authentic Belgian waffle as the bread. The waffle is light, airy, crispy and not sweet.

Bruxie waffles are paired with a variety of ingredients, offering both savory and sweet choices. I encourage you to review their menu for the full mouth-watering effect.

In addition to their standard menu, they have daily and seasonal specials. Over the July 4th weekend, I indulged in one of my favorite seasonal treats, the Vermont Apple Pie Bruxie.

Their Bruxie waffle is filled with warm brown sugar spiced Granny Smith apples, extra sharp Vermont cheddar cheese and homemade crumble. It’s served with their award-winning Wisconsin frozen custard.

This is simply the best apple pie I have ever had! The combination of flavors is exquisite – the apples with the crumble are the perfect sweetness. The cheddar adds just the precise savory note. Oh my, and the frozen custard takes a la mode to another level! Yes, I was doing my happy dance and with good reason.

I give the Apple Pie Bruxie 4 out of 5 stars. I know you’re probably thinking, all of that giddiness and that’s it? Allow me to explain. There are other desserts on their menu that I enjoy even more! Thus, some distinction is necessary. Naturally, I will discuss the others in future posts.

Alas, Bruxie teases me so with their seasonal selections. They only offer this delicacy twice a year, July 4th and if they follow last year’s pattern, during the Holidays. Thus, I will have to relish its memory until the next Vermont Apple Pie appearance.

If you missed it this time, stay on your toes. It is well worth the wait.


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