Sweet Surrender

Photo courtesy of Suite 106 - Previous Winner of Cupcake Wars

I have a confession. I suffer from O.C.D, Obsessive Cupcake Disorder.

I wasn’t always aware there was a formal name for my addiction or there were others like me. It was just something I lived with and handled day by day.

One of the things I avoided to keep my condition from worsening was Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Friends and colleagues were bewildered.

How could I love cupcakes so intensely, but not watch this show? How could I make them understand? For me, it was like a gambler being in a casino or a person with a drinking problem frequenting a bar. You just don’t do it!

However, recently, in the name of research for my blog, I faced my demon. I watched my first episode of Cupcake Wars. It was entitled, Cupcakes ‘R’ Us. Four bakers competed for the chance to serve their cupcakes at a black tie awards gala for the Chicago Toy and Game Fair.

The first challenge was taste. I watched as each baker created a unique cupcake – I wanted to sample a couple through the TV. It was fascinating what each envisioned with the same selection of ingredients. As suspected, I was starting to crave buttercream frosting, but I stayed strong and kept watching.

The second challenge was taste and presentation. We were down to three bakers. The intensity was escalating, as they had to create three cupcakes. Each suffered missteps, like poor presentation or poor cupcake choices. Although by this round, I did have a favorite.

The third challenge was ridiculous! The last two bakers had to make 1,000 cupcakes and design the concept for the display. A builder would then craft their concept into reality, while assistants would provide extra hands in the kitchen. Even with the help, against the ticking clock, it was stressful just watching. Who knew cupcakes could be filled with so much drama?

In the end, my preferred baker won, Southern Girl Desserts in Los Angeles, California. I look forward to visiting them and sampling their cupcake flavors in the near future.

In the meantime, I’m happy to say that I survived my first Cupcake War and I will be watching more episodes. Of course, by the close of the hour, I did succumb to my craving and have a cupcake. However, if that’s the worse repercussion from battle, I think I can handle it.

Perhaps I’m stronger than I thought.


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