I’ll Take Bacon With That

Photo courtesy of Suite 106 - Pancakes N Bacon

I’m a firm believer that bacon makes everything better, even cupcakes. Although, I do admit this was not always the case.

When the bacon craze started a few years ago, I needed some convincing.

I had always viewed sweet and savory as distinct entities and never the two shall meet. So when I started to see bacon on donuts and bacon on cupcakes, I thought – they can’t be serious!

What changed my mind?

The OC Cupcake Showdown in September 2010. It was my first cupcake tasting event. Eight bakeries gathered, competing for the judges’ favorite and audience choice awards. Since they were minis, I gathered the courage to try chocolate cupcakes topped bacon. Next, I tried breakfast cupcakes topped with bacon.  I liked both, but preferred the latter.

In 2011, I discovered two “baconized” items that would change my life. First was the Texas Maple Bacon Donut at the OC Fair. It’s a maple-iced donut the size of a regular paper plate, generously topped with pieces of fresh bacon. Unbelievable! I enjoyed it so much, I found the vendor again at the LA County Fair a couple of months later.

The second item was the Pancakes N’ Bacon Cupcake from The Suite Truck at OC Foodie Fest. Buttermilk spice cake topped with spiced bacon buttercream, sprinkled with more bacon on top and drizzled with their house blend maple syrup. No wonder it’s a Cupcake Wars Winner. It’s amazing!

I still enjoy both treats. In the summer of 2012, I returned to the OC Fair. Even after a year, the vendor remembered me and my infectious enthusiasm. (Of course I’m counting the days until this year’s fair.) I’m now a regular at Suite 106 Cupcakery and appreciate many more of their flavors.

Sometimes we don’t have to choose between sweet or savory. With bacon, we can have it all.


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