Buttercream is Better

Photo courtesy of Suite 106 - Coconut Cream Cupcakes

Whipped cream has no place in frosting. Let me repeat, because I feel strongly about this, whipped cream has no place in frosting.

I have engaged in debates with others about this point. They have thrown their hands up in futile submission, as I simply will not budge. Frosting is intended to be rich and thick, not light and fluffy.

My eyes are so discerning that when someone recommends a cupcakery, I will first check their website and appraise the photos. I know the limitations of true buttercream, what it can and cannot do. If it doesn’t pass my eye inspection, I won’t even bother to put it on my cupcake reconnaissance list.

Even the top cupcake bakeries know. When Crumbs Bake Shop of Upper West Side Manhattan opened a location in Sprinkles Cupcakes territory in Beverly Hills, California, they started a cupcake war. They didn’t bring whipped cream frosting for battle. Nope! Like their counterpart, they used buttercream and cream cheese frosting.

Each bakery does have a different approach to cupcakes.  Sprinkles is more conservative with their flavors, while Crumbs is more adventurous. Even so, their view on frosting is similar: generous, rich and thick. After all, Sprinkles had not achieved their fame with celebrities, nor had Crumbs achieved their following based on whipped cream.

For those of you who love whipped cream, I’m sorry if I offended you. However, please do not try to tell me how delicious I would find the new Cool Whip frosting. It is pointless.  I respect whipped cream as a garnish on my cheesecake, waffles or pancakes.

However, for real frosting, buttercream (or cream cheese) is simply better.


4 thoughts on “Buttercream is Better

  1. Great reviews… You need to come out here one day…we can do a cupcake tour… We have a few cupcakes places….including some cupcake wars winners….


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